Motorcycle Accidents

Massachusetts insurance regulations and dishonest insurance carriers can complicate the process of recovering compensation for injured motorcyclists. Therefore, it is important for injured riders, or loved ones acting on their behalf, to retain an attorney who has experience handling these types of claims.

Massachusetts law requires personal injury protection (PIP) insurance protection on all auto insurance policies. This covers some of the cost of medical bills, lost wages and funeral expenses up to a certain amount for insureds, regardless of fault.

However, insurers do NOT have to provide PIP coverage in policies covering motorcycles in this state. That means the rider or passenger of a motorcycle most likely will not be able to collect PIP coverage in the event of a crash.

For these reasons, it is vitally important for motorcyclists to carry adequate health care insurance and additional other forms of coverage. A motorcyclist who is at-fault for an accident may be personally liable to cover the costs of a passenger’s injury.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you may have legal recourse. To learn more about how our attorneys may be able to assist you in recovering damages, please fill out our free, no-obligation case review form today.