Consumer Fraud

Any consumer who has suffered damages financial or otherwise or who has been deceived by a company due to fraudulent tactics may file a class action lawsuit.

There are many types of consumer fraud class action lawsuits. The more common types involve:

  • Insurance Fraud
  • Misleading or False Advertising
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Lending Fraud
  • Defective Products

The compensation that consumers seek in a class action lawsuit varies from lawsuit to lawsuit. The specific circumstances of the lawsuit will determine what compensation may be rewarded. The possible compensation that may be sought includes:

  • Damages for a personal injury
  • Damages for economic loss
  • All litigation costs

There may be a statute of limitations in regards to the amount and type of compensation awarded in a lawsuit. There are some circumstances where the consumers of the lawsuit can stop the fraudulent practices of the company or change how the company acts. This can be accomplished by obtaining an injunction.

A statute of limitations is applicable for all class action lawsuits dealing with consumer fraud. The statute of limitations varies for every claim. The most common limitation is on the amount of time a consumer has to file his or her claim. You will want to file your claim in a timely manner to make sure your lawsuit can go forward.

The statutes of limitations for a consumer class action lawsuit depend on:

  • The type of fraudulent activities
  • The state in which the activities took place

Our consumer fraud attorneys will be able to walk you through the statute of limitations that applies to your claim as well as your legal rights.